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For the past three years, IPTF has held an annual awareness week focused on educating advisers about the need for income protection. Each version of IPAW has sought to address key issues identified by advisers, highlight best practice and signpost useful resources.

IPAW has always been about inspiration, about advisers talking to their peers about lessons learned and top tips. For the IPTF, IPAW has always been about more than producing content for people to watch and about inspiring commitment to do something different to help drive market growth.  In the past we have encouraged IPAW viewers to make a pledge to do something as a result of the content or to share what they will do differently #BecauseOfIPAW.


Perhaps it is only appropriate then that IPAW 2024 will see us reclaim the A of Awareness and introduce Action in its place.  For this year, even more so than previously, we will be focussed on turning ideas into impact. Naturally we will still be making the case for income protection and explaining the “why” to our audience. But this year will also be about the “how” with coaching sessions included each day to allow advisers to make a plan to incorporate ideas into their practices.

So a slight sharpening of IPAW focus this year, with a focus on action but with the same ultimate objective: to grow the IP market. IPAW will see a number of familiar topics including working with different types of clients, handling objections, claims, retention and value added services. Plenty to look forward to and, we hope, plenty to inspire.

IPAW was originally envisioned as a “festival of income protection” and with more of our members than ever joining in and hosting their own IP focused events, we hope the noise around IP this September will be louder than ever.

What will you do #BecauseOfIPAW ?