IPAW 2022: 19 – 23 September 2022


What is IPAW and who should attend?

Income Protection Awareness Week, or IPAW, is an awareness week which aims to highlight the need for income protection insurance (IP). Taking place in September, IPAW will provide advisers with a range of  insightful, materials and useful information to help them speak to clients more frequently and  effectively, about the need to protect their income from the impact of ill health or injury.

Are you:

  •  new to selling IP?
  • a mortgage adviser?
  • a wealth adviser?
  • a protection specialist?

If you can answer yes to any of the above then there will be something for you at IPAW. Register for each of the individual days that you want to attend from June 11th and we look forward to seeing you there!

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IPAW 2022 Programme: 19 – 23 September 2022 (12- 1pm each day)


Monday: Why the time is now for IP

The need for IPAW

The impact of IP: stats and stories

Who should attend?: Everyone!

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Tuesday: Mortgages and IP – The perfect partnership?

IP advice process top tips from Networks

Putting theory into practice

Who should attend? Mortgage advisers looking to introduce IP into their advice process or those looking to improve their IP conversations

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Wednesday: Decision time for wealth advisers – Write it or refer it?

IP advice process top tips from Networks

Panel: adviser experience and setting up referrals

Who should attend? Wealth advisers looking to introduce IP into their advice process or those looking to improve their IP conversations. Wealth advisers looking to learn more about referring business

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Thursday: Growing your advice business with IP

The case for different client types

Panel: growing your business clients – finding clients and using social media

Who should attend? All advisers considering how to reach out to new client and learn about ways to grow their business

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Friday Finale: Putting inspiration into practice

 How to take the next step – advisers share experiences so that you can take action!

IPAW Review – pledges and superheroes!

Everyone! The Friday finale is not to be missed!

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Make a Pledge

We’re asking people to make a pledge during IPAW. Download the  IPAW Pledge Template and commit to doing something specific to increase income protection sales or awareness. Once you have filled out the template email it to info@iptf.co.uk and share it on social tagging IPTF


If you’d like to get involve or share your ideas about what you’d like to see, please email info@iptf.co.uk

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