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Protection Guru have created a microsite to answer adviser questions on insurer positions. 

Cover magazine and Legal & General 

Cover magazine and Legal& General have produced and interactive digital guide to Income Protection full of sales tips, expert opinion and plenty of visual takeaways advisers can incorporate into conversations with clients. You can read it here.

The Exeter

Member case study

When Marc, a self-employed builder, ran to catch a train, he wasn’t expecting to injure himself and have to stop working.

Thankfully, the dad of two had an income protection policy with The Exeter, meaning he had access to valuable financial support.

Since his original injury, Marc has suffered from ongoing knee problems and has been unable to return to his previous occupation. With Marc wanting to return to work The Exeter have helped support him as he re-trains to start a new career as a surveyor.

Watch Marc’s story to find out how income protection has helped him and his family.

Adviser interview

Adam Kaplan spoke to The Exeter to about his business, Pendragon Protect, and why he feels income protection insurance is a must for his clients. Watch here.


Adviser Sales guide                                    Member Sales guide                              Income First Product Guide


Click here to access the Aviva adviser portal which has numerous sales aids and brochures in the personal protection section. There is an income protection section for:

  • Targeting renters
  • IP Posters
  • Guide to IP
  • Customer case studies
  • Claims Guide for 2020 

A powerful case study showing the impact that income protection can have on young families in alleviating potential financial stress and providing support  through therapies that can accelerate return to work.

Aviva Adviser: Protection claims – Aviva (



Click on the image above to see the Sales aid to help you talk to your clients about Vitality Income Protection Cover.

Legal & General


Click here to go to the Income Protection page in L&G’s Adviser Centre and click here to access the adviser toolkit. The links below are for specific guides:


IPB Adviser Guide                      IPB Customer Guide                IPB 6 steps Guide 


IPB Protecting what’s important 


This link will take you to the Rental income protection page in L&G’s Adviser Centre. You can also access the Customer Guide or the Customer Sales Aid.



Click here to go to the Business Protection page of L&G’s Adviser Centre. The links below are for specific guides:


Exec IP Adviser Guide                Exec IP Quick Guide               Exec IP Technical Guide 


Dentists Provident 

Dentists Provident News and Blog


Zurich Intermediary site Income Protection page 

Zurich Income Protection brochure 

Zurich Income Protection benefits summary

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