The original Seven Families project ran from 2014-2016 and set out to raise awareness of the financial impact of long-term illness; to help real families facing financial meltdown and to demonstrate the value of rehabilitation and counselling, through trying to help people get back to work.

We took seven real families, who had lost their income because of an illness or accident – gave them income protection for a year, including all the additional benefits, and followed them as they told their stories.

Our new Do you remember… Seven Families? campaign will revisit our families with a series of short new films throughout 2020 based around themes and topics relevant to income protection insurance that advisers and insurers can use freely. The first two videos summarise the story of Seven Families in two minutes – we did two and we were going to run with the one we preferred, but we liked them both so you can decide which one you prefer to use!

If you would like free access to the videos to use for events, marketing or with clients please contact us by sending an email to 

You can find out more about the Seven Families campaign on the Seven Families Facebook page and you can watch the videos from the campaign here.

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Do you remember 7 Families? Mental Health film (subtitles)


Do you remember 7 Families? Mental Health film


Do you remember 7 Families? (2020 v1)


Do you remember 7 Families? (2020 v2)