Our adviser research suggests that adviser perceptions of underwriting for IP are often the biggest barrier to sales of income protection.  Here, in a series of short videos, we’ve asked a range of industry experts to answer some of adviser’s key questions:


Why do underwriters need to request medical information if an exclusion is being applied?


Do a certain number of exclusions lead to an auto decline? If so, why?


Why do insurers rate or exclude someone who has had no time off work?


Can an exclusion applied to an IP policy be removed after a period of time?


How long do insurers take to underwrite IP compared to other products?


What differences are there between group risk medical underwriting and individual medical underwriting?


How can I set client expectations around underwriting for IP?


What financial evidence do you need when applying for IP?


Why do IP loadings stop at +100-+150% when some clients would pay more and life loadings go higher?


Why do insurers decline more serious mental health conditions, like bipolar, rather than just excluding them?


How has Covid changed IP underwriting?


Do you consider the individual features of an applicant or underwrite based on the medical condition?


What do I do if I want to challenge an underwriting decision?