To be eligible for the guarantee, most providers require the claimant to be working for a specified number of hours per week. This means that those that have lost their job due to COVID-19 are unlikely to be covered under the minimum benefit guarantee unless and are reliant on insurer leniancy. The requirements  for the number of hours a client is required to have been working immediately prior to their incapacity differs across insurers with some having different levels for employes and self employed clients. Those that offer an enhanced minimum benefit guarantee for the medical profession may alos have different requirements in terims of the minimum number of hours worked.

*Royal London does not require a claimant to be working in order for the guarantee to apply. However, if the claimant is working less than 16 hours per week they will need to meet Royal London’s serious illness or everyday tasks definition of incapacity for the benefit to be paid.

Overall, AIG, Aviva, Legal & General and Zurich are particularly strong as they only require the client to be working a minimum of 16 hours immediately before incapacity in order to qualify for the minimum benefit guarantee. Royal London have no minimum working hour requirement however require the client to meet their serious illness or everyday tasks definition if working less than 16 hours.