How to make a pledge

During Income Protection Awareness Week, we asked everyone to think about what they could do to get involved and make a pledge. What could you do to educate colleagues about the importance of IP? How can you increase the number of conversations you are having with clients about IP? We’re asking you to  make a pledge  and share it with us (email as well as sharing it online. Download the pledge template and follow the instructions below to make it yours before sharing online:

  1. Choose one of pledge, praise, practice slides – then replace the placeholder text with personalised copy – examples below:
    e.g. I’m putting new income protection objection handling skills into practice after today’s session
  2. Click ‘File’, then choose ‘Export’ from the options on left hand menu
  3. Click ‘Change file type’ and select either PNG or JPEG. Click ‘Save As’ give the file a name and confirm.
  4. Finally, when asked ‘Which slides do you want to export’, select ‘Just this one’.

Your sharing image is now ready to be added to a LinkedIn or Twitter post using the hashtags #LetsTalkIP, #IPAW and #1in8 .

Our pledge wall

We’ve been adding the pledges we have received throughout Income Protection Awareness Week to our pledge wall. You can take a look here.

Get social!

You can Download our IPAW frame to use on your social media profile to show that you are supporting Income Protection Awareness Week. Download the frame by clicking the image below and join in the fun! Here are the instructions on how to create your new IPAW social media profile picture:

  1. Copy and paste your profile picture onto a Powerpoint slide.
  2. Having saved the Income Protection Awareness Week Photo frame to your computer insert it into the slide and position it on top of your profile picture if it doesn’t appear there automatically.
  3. Use Ctrl +A to select both pictures and right click and select Group.
  4. Right click again and save as a picture.
  5. Voila – you have a new profile picture ready for use on social media!