What is Income Protection and why is it important?


Nobody likes to think about ill-health or having an accident. They particularly don’t like to think of being unable to work indefinitely.¬†Above all, they don’t like to think about having to exist on minimal sick pay and State welfare benefits.

So unfortunately many people don’t!

This site exists to help anyone who wants to know more about what happens if their income dries up and what protection people have against potential financial jeopardy.

It describes how income protection policies work

It describes the companies that offer this sort of cover and…

It describes some of the major things that people with an income need to think about.

In our online, interactive publication, Signposts for income Protection we provide insights and information about the market for disability cover. Our figures suggest that up to 15 million people need to think seriously about taking out this cover to provide themselves with reassurance that if illness or bad luck strikes, it won’t mean financial meltdown.

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