It’s Disability Insurance Awareness Month in the US!



Our friends in the Council for Disability Awareness in the US have launched their annual Disability Awareness Month today and we’d like to share with you a sample of the great stuff they are doing, via the transcript of an email sent to their growing database of members:


“Today is the first day of Disability Insurance Awareness Month. It’s the perfect time to bring up disability with friends, family members, clients, prospects, employers, employees, and anyone you care about who could benefit from learning more about the risk of disability and the importance of income protection.

Here are three easy things you can do:

1.  Print out or download CDA’s handy infographic and share it widely.
2.  Download our turnkey social media content and share it with with your followers.
3.  Download the Defend Your Income app onto your tablet or smartphone and put it to use.

Get all three from:

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It’s our job to help people protect what’s important. Together, we can help working Americans avoid the financial catastrophe of losing their income to illness or injury. It’s up to us to do it!”




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